In the highly competitive world, cost management and logistic planning are playing a vital role for a company to maximize its profitability. Intensive handling and storage systems demand correct equipment to operate at maximum efficiency.

General Avenue is a company with an extraordinary experience that guides you for a complete solution of material handling equipment which will minimize your cost management.

General Avenue trucks are selectively imported in prime conditioned from Japan, which are currently popular selling brands in Malaysia aged of less than five (5) years and some above 5 years old.

Being an leading Material Handling Equipment company, General Avenue provide quality reconditioned  truck that meet customers’ specification and come with machine warranty. We have a very good track record as the trucks are mainly sold to warehousing & distribution company, food processing, cold room storage, manufacturers, printing industry, electronics  industries  and others.

General Avenue (M) Sdn Bhd
Sales, Rental  of Fully Reconditioned truck

  • Forklift (LPG, Diesel, Petrol, Battery)
  • Battery Reachtruck 
  • Stacker (Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully Auto)
  • Hand Pallet Truck
  • Racking System

General Forklift Equipment Sdn Bhd

  • Parts, Service & Repair
  • Overhaul of Transmission, Engine
  • Fully Reconditioned
  • We provide Operation Manual and comprehensive Safety Operator’s training for truck operation and maintenance.


General Avenue (M) Sdn Bhd &
General Forklift Equipment Sdn Bhd

The one stop center for Material Handling Equipment with tailored made prices to suit all budgets as well as fulfilling your requirements. 

As the oldest establishment in the reconditioned truck market, we offer our expertise on all brands.

  1. Fully reconditioned equipment  c/w A - Z warranty
  2. Long and short term rental
  3. Experience after sales service with emphasis on repairs rather than replacements
  4. Professional training for operators and operation/safety manual
  5. 24 hours complaint response service

Experience, Creativity & Quality Teams

All customer have easy access to communicate directly to our respectively sales and technical personnel covering the respective areas via handphone for their complaints irregardless of after office hours.

We are fully backed up with ample stock of parts and service technicians to provide complain response within 24 hours.
We also practice cannibalization program as a temporary stop-gap measure to get your machine moving as soon as possible.

With our rental fleet management, we can offer emergency replacement and temporary increase truck requirements.

Ideas, Knowledge, Skills, Concepts, Technologies into Actions

Total Customer Satisfaction Services




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